N a N a …

Talent: Nana
Location : USM

Very beautiful and cheerful lady. It was a very fun outdoor sesion.Glad that i got a chance to shoot her. Would like to thank Adrian Ameno, Tan Hiang, Lay Tiong & Wilson Chan for joining the portrait session.

These are few picts that i took that day..~

when she smile...~





Studio session with Yen.. 🙂
Enjoy viewing~..





Good morning… ~

Same place.. same compo.. different time.. different colors.. 😀
Good morning people~ 😀


Sungai Pinang 2011…~

Short trip to jetty sungai pinang with Soo Hoo & Lay Tiong..
It was taken 30 mins after heavy rain.. That place is kinda calm place but the smell does not make u feel soo good~ hehe…

Taken using EOS350D (IR) camera..

Sungai Pinang...


Shot was taken in May… and her name is May.. hahaa..



Elaine & Sheue Yen..

Organized by Wilson Chan…
Shot was taken at Perangin Mall multilevel car park..



Singapore 2011..~!!

I’ve been planning to go Singapore quite a while ago but it never happens before.. hehe.. Thanks to my best buddy ; Lay Tiong, we managed to touchdown there safely.
Its not a big country.. but it has lotsa beautiful places and of course shopping complexes!! GOSH!!! ..

I’ll definately make another plan for another trip to SG.. hehe..

the cityscapes..~

Fibonacci Spiral at Chinese Garden~
the curve! ~

The structure inside Marina Bay Sands..
the curve!

The steel bridge!
the bridge!

Afta a year!

Adrian Ameno!! This is the first outing that we went together after 1 year! LOL!!!
He was in New Zealand for a year doin his workin holiday thingy~ …
This shot was taken at BORR (butterworth outter ring road) ..
Good things is.. the sky was damn clear!
Bad things is! we have to walk quite far to get to this spot…. hahaha!

This place is where i start to shoot landscape when i first got my DSLR..few years ago~ ..
well here i am again!

sunset at B.O.R.R..

Last minute plan!

it was a last minute plan to shoot sunset that day..
got a call from my fren; Nasaruddin right after lunch and he summon me to shoot sunset on the same day~ …
so.. afta work.. me head straight to Teluk Bahang…. Honestly im not sure if that place can have a good sunset or not as i never did once~

well.. this is my only shot~ ..
right on spot during the golden hour~

Sunset, Teluk Bahang

bEtO got strObe!!

Its been a while since i last update in here.. been very busy lately~ garghhh!
well this is it..
Shot was taken at Butterworth.. and i used 3 strobes!

My fav shot of the day!!

enough looking at her back! this is beTO!!

This is the last shot… while she’s waiting for me to wrap up~ ..